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Wesley Rice
I have worked on all types of woodwind instruments, but clarinet repair is my passion. I am a clarinetist with many years of performing and clarinet repair experience, so I know exactly how a great instrument should play and feel. This results in a better adjusted, easier to play, and ultimately a better sounding clarinet.

We use only the highest quality handmade cork clarinet pads, Valentino Masters Premium Synthetic Pads, and RooPads. Instead of traditional cork, we use various synthetic materials for the key bumpers, which are custom chosen for each clarinet based on its design. These materials are superior to natural cork in every way. We include services in a clarinet overhaul such as silver key polishing, nylon inserts, and your choice of pads, for which others charge extra. Lastly, our services are less expensive than others, but of the highest quality workmanship.

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Clarinet Repair and Repair Kits

We also sell clarinet supplies if you wish to repair your clarinet, make clarinet upgrades, or create a clarinet repair kit. If you have an old clarinet that hasn't been played for years, bring it in for a clarinet overhaul. We will make your clarinet sound and look new again.

If you need Buffet clarinet repair or any other brand repaired, you can be confident that your clarinet will receive the best service available, as we've worked on every brand of clarinet and every model from student to professional.