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Hand-Crafted Clarinet Barrels by Rice Clarinet Works

wooden clarinet barrel

Wooden Clarinet Barrel

Made to exacting standards from the highest quality materials, these clarinet barrels will improve every aspect of your playing. They will make any clarinet sound better, and can even breathe new life into an old clarinet!

  • Improved Resonance from Ringless Design
  • Better Focus from Reverse Taper Bore
  • Enhanced Response
  • Improved Tuning (See Chart Below)

Wooden Clarinet Barrel
These barrels are made from beautiful unstained Grenadilla wood with a ringless design for better resonance. The bore uses a reverse taper, which focuses the sound and makes your clarinet easier to play.

delrin custom clarinet barrel

Delrin Clarinet Barrel

Delrin Clarinet Barrel

Delrin is a dense composite material which possesses acoustical properties similar to grenadilla wood. The design of the Delrin clarinet barrel is identical to the wooden clarinet barrel and is made to the highest standards of accuracy.

On some clarinets, a Delrin clarinet barrel will actually sound better than a wooden barrel, so it's always a good idea to try a few of each. Since Delrin is a composite material, you will never have to worry about the barrel warping, cracking, or changing over time.

Industrial Clarinet Barrels
Industrial-Themed Clarinet Barrels

66mm B-flat - $249.00

Industrial-Themed Clarinet Barrels

These Industrial-Themed barrels are a collaboration project with machine-artist and Baltimore native, Chris Bathgate. He designed the exterior styling, and the interior is identical to our wood and Delrin Rice Clarinet Barrels. This means you get the same great sound and tuning with a look that will stand out from the crowd!

Some of the barrel cores are wood, and some are Delrin, so please request which one you would prefer during checkout.


"...The barrel you made me is really beautiful. It places the clarinet "dead on" in tune. Thank you. As we discussed over the phone the clarinet was impossible to keep in tune; problem solved..."
"One of the three barrels you sent me to try is a clear winner. It is hard to believe the difference this barrel makes in opening up the horn and also focusing the tone. You were right in saying intonation would be more even over the range of the instrument. It has freed up the extreme upper register considerably and gives a more consistent tone from the very bottom to the very top."
"...Your barrel takes this instrument to an even higher level..."
"...I also really like the barrel. It really does make quite a bit of a difference. The sound color changed somewhat but the big difference is in response!..."
"...I feel that clarinetists should give serious consideration to your handmade barrels as I have found them to rank most favorably in side by side trials with well-established leading competitors..."
"...And I really love the barrel you made. Thank you for suggesting this. It was on my bucket list of things to get, so sooner is better. The intonation is much improved, too. I look forward to breaking it in..."
"...I am very impressed that the barrel has improved many of the high and low range pitch issues I've had with the stock barrel. I've also noticed the horn plays more freely and playing action above high C more effortless. All in all, the horn is a pleasure to play with the Delrin barrel..."
custom Clarinet Barrels

Trial Policy for Clarinet Barrels

Because of the high standards of manufacture, all of the barrels above are practically identical. However, certain ones will play better with certain instruments. Because of this, your best option is to purchase multiple barrels and keep the best one. I would recommend trying a few wooden and a few Delrin barrels - at least two of each. Simply send back the unwanted ones, and your card will be credited.

Barrels are available for trial for seven days after their arrival. Barrels returned in good condition and postmarked within this trial period will be credited back to your card.


The Wesley Rice Clarinet Barrel has a smoother tuning curve than a stock barrel. Overall, the notes that were flat with a stock barrel are closer to being in tune, and the sharp upper register notes are brought down. This results in easier tuning with ensembles, and more attention can be given to other areas of your playing. Clarinet Barrels Tuning Chart