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Hand-Crafted Clarinet Bells

by Rice Clarinet Works

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wooden clarinet barrel

Wooden Clarinet Bell - $325
for Buffet B-flat Clarinets

Made to exacting standards from the highest quality materials, these clarinet bells will improve every aspect of your playing. They will make your Buffet clarinet sound better, and can even breathe new life into an old clarinet!

  • Improved Resonance from Ringless Design
  • Better Resonance
  • Enhanced Response and Clarity

Wooden Clarinet Bell
These bells are made from beautiful unstained Grenadilla wood with a ringless design for better resonance.


"Your barrel (and bell) improves the intonation of this instrument, which plays as well as any clarinet I have ever owned. It is simply fantastic. The note to note balance is close to impeccable. "

"...more ring and resonance in the sound."

"I thought I played with clarity before, but now it's crystal clear!"

Trial Policy for Clarinet Bells

Because of the high standards of manufacture, all of the bells above are practically identical. However, certain ones will play better with certain instruments. Because of this, your best option is to purchase multiple bells and keep the best one. We recommend trying at least two. Simply send back the unwanted one(s), and your card will be credited.

Bells are available for trial for seven days after their arrival. Bells returned in good condition and postmarked within this trial period will be credited back to your card.