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Clarinets For Sale

All clarinets for sale have been repaired and put in good working order with a one year warranty on all the work performed, unless otherwise specified. Please check back often if you are in the market for an instrument, as this list changes regularly. Pictures are available upon request, and prices may be negotiable.

If you are interested in a clarinet which you do not see listed here, please contact me, and I will do my best to find the best clarinet for you within your price range.


Check out my ebay page for clarinets, clarinet parts, and other things that may not be listed here.

Buffet Tosca Greenline B-flat - $4995 PRICE REDUCED!

This Tosca is in excellent condition, as it has been recently overhauled with our Artist Overhaul. It is currently owned by a member of the U.S. Navy Band and is being sold because the player has too many instruments! It is a great playing horn that was hand-selected, comes with a one year warranty on the overhaul, and can be sent out for trial if you would like to try it in your own space.

Rare Set of Patricola Clarinets - $3750 - save $350!

We've never had a Patricola clarinet come to the shop, but now we have three! These rare clarinets were purchased roughly 15 years ago by a customer of ours who no longer plays them. They really look to be in great shape with very little use. We have put over $600 of work into these three clarinets to get them in top shape.

Each instrument comes with two barrels (not pictured), and if you purchase all three clarinets together, you get the nice triple case for them (in addition to saving $850!). The instruments can be bought individually, but the case will go with the E-flat clarinet since they're harder to find. It would be a shame to break up the set, though. These three clarinets would make a great addition to anyone's collection - They are certainly conversation pieces, to say the least!

B-flat - $1850 (no case)
A - $2250 (no case)
E-flat - $2750 (includes case) Sold!

Selmer Clarinets for Sale

Selmer Signatures - sold individually, but save $195 on the set!

Up for sale are two Selmer Signature clarinets, manufactured in approximately the early 90's. Both instruments have been fully serviced, cleaned, and put in great shape. We quieted keywork and action, adjusted ring heights, checked the seal, replaced any springs or pads that were worn, and thoroughly play-tested them. They are 100% ready to go to their new home! If sold separately, the B-flat has its own case, but if they are bought as a set, you'll get a single and a double case.

The B-flat has a repaired crack which does not go into the bore. It has been pinned and looks stable. Two of its barrels are cracked, but the longest one (the one which will most likely be used) is in fine shape. We could definitely match up a nice barrel to it if you're interested. Other than that, it is in good shape.

The A clarinet also has a crack in the upper joint which has not gone into the bore and is stable. One of the stock barrels is cracked, but the other two are not. The bell has had a hole drilled for correcting the long B pitch.

These two clarinets are a steal at the prices listed below. They would be perfect for someone who is looking for pro-level instruments for a great price!

B-flat - $1395 (with single case)
A - $1750 (with double case)
Set - $2950 - SAVE $195!(with both cases)

Student Clarinets for Sale

We always have several student clarinets waiting to be serviced, so if you're in need of one I could have it playing like new in a matter of a few days.

Please contact me if you have any questions, want to see pictures, or if you would like to schedule an appointment to play-test an instrument.