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Premium Clarinet Overhauls & Restorations

Restore your clarinet with a complete re-working

Professional Overhaul

$649 with one year warranty
  • Tightening of loose keys (Swedging)
  • Post Swedging
  • Polishing and cleaning of keys + posts
  • Degreasing and oiling of the hinges
  • Full wood cleaning
  • Logo re-guilding
  • Tone hole resurfacing (10 max)
  • Securing of loose posts
  • Free Nylon Inserts
  • Spring replacement where needed (7 max)
  • High-tech bumper materials
  • Choice of pads - cork, leather,
    synthetic, or combination - same price
  • Key height/tension adjustment
  • Tenon cork replacement
  • Voicing and light clarinet tuning

Additional Services

Artist Overhaul

$799 with one year warranty
Includes everything in the Professional Overhaul plus:

Additional Services

  • Key and Post Polishing
    • Silver - Free
    • Nickel (Machine-Polished) - $45
    • Nickel (Hand-Polished) - $90
  • Key and Post Replating - $349
    (with Full Spring Replacement)

Pricing is for soprano clarinets in reasonable condition. E-Flat, alto and bass clarinets,
frozen rods, loose posts, chipped tone holes, etc., will be extra.

Why Send Your Clarinet To Us? Shipping Questions?

Restore your Clarinet with an Overhaul and Professional Clarinet Tuning

The best time to have your clarinet overhauled is when it's brand new. Most professional players will have their clarinet overhauled within a few months of purchase. This way, your instrument will be in top condition from the start. Having spring tensions and ring heights properly adjusted, along with good clarinet pads is vital. At the very least, you should have your new clarinet properly set up. If you have a new clarinet and do not want a complete overhaul, then a New Instrument Set-Up may be right for you.

The next best time to have your clarinet overhauled is when it's in need of repair. If there are more than a few pads which need to be replaced, several more will probably need replaced in the near future. If keys are bent or if spring tensions are off, it's more cost effective to have everything fixed at once with an overhaul.

Normal repairs are billed by the hour, and if much work is needed, the cost can quickly surpass the flat rate of an overhaul. Additionally, cork pads fitted during an overhaul will last almost indefinitely. This means that the feel and playing condition of your clarinet will endure much longer, costing you less in repairs throughout the life of your clarinet.

The Professional Overhaul takes approximately 3-4 days, and is guaranteed for one full year against defects in workmanship. E-Flat, alto and bass clarinets, artist overhauls, etc. may take longer.